Johnny Lightning 2019 Diorama Series Release 3


Many diners have a strong resemblance to train cars. This is because trains used to convert an entire car specifically for eating. These “Dining Cars” matched the decor of the rest of the train. Over time, the name shortened to just “Diners”. In 1959, the Chevy® Impala™ became a standalone model, no longer as a trim level of the Chevy Bel Air®.

  • A 50s’ Diner w/ 1959  Chevy Impala Convertible

In ancient Polynesian cultures, surfing was a way of life. Being the best surfer was the highest honor in their tribes or communities. In the 1960s, surf culture became mainstream with the help of the Beach Boys and their #1 hit songs. Vehicles like this 1970 Chevy® Blazer™ can be seen scattered up and down the coasts of America, with surfers all looking for the perfect wave.

  • Surf Shop w/ 1970 Chevy Blazer