Wonderfest is upon us again! The weekend of hobby escape is happening again on June 10-11, 2023, at the Crowne Plaza Louisville Hotel in Louisville, KY. Wonderfest holds the largest model contest in the U.S. for sci-fi, horror, & comic-related subjects. As always, Model Kit Brand Manager Jamie Hood will be in attendance for both days.  Jamie will be at the Round 2 booth in Dealer Room A at tables 75&76.

Last year we had a huge showcase with plenty of great announcements that generated a lot of excitement. When you stop at the Round 2 booth this year, you’ll be able to see the Star Trek 1:350 Klingon Kronos One, the Star Wars: A New Hope 1:32 Studio Series TIE Fighter, and the Green Hornet 1:25 Black Beauty model kits that were announced at the previous show. That’s just a small sampling as there will also be other current & upcoming releases on display. So, be sure to stop by the booth to see all these wonderful kits plus news about fantastic unannounced upcoming kits from Round 2.

Wonderfest features a massive sci-fi model contest that has topped 700 entries. Round 2 sponsors a special award for the best use of any of our kits (all of our brands qualify). Contestants can mark what kit was used on their entry form. The model can be used in any manner, whether it’s an out-of-the-box build or if they use one recognizable part in a unique or substantial way. The winner receives a $100 autoworldstore.com credit and an award certificate.

While at the event, Jamie plans to do a booth tour on the Round 2 YouTube channel to talk a little about each of the products that are on display. While Jamie will not be holding a panel this year, he’ll still be available to answer any questions while he’s at the booth.

For more information about the show, please visit their website HERE. If you’re unable to attend the show, be sure to check back here, as we’ll have pictures and information about all the unannounced kits.

Products Announced:
  • Star Wars: 132 TIE Fighter Photoetch
  • Star Wars Death Star
  • Star Wars: Luke Skywalker Landspeeder
  • Star Wars: TIE Bomber
  • Star Trek: Strange New Worlds USS Enterprise
  • Star Trek: Klingon Battle Cruiser
  • Star Trek: USS Cerritos
  • Star Trek: USS Enterprise D
  • Space 1999/UFO: Interceptor
  • Space 1999/UFO: SHADO Mobile
  • Space 1999/UFO: UFO