Privacy Policy


A cookie is a small text file that certain websites write to your computer’s hard drive when you visit. A cookie file can contain information to help improve your browsing experience, such as allowing you to log in to password-protected areas, store items in a shopping cart, or personalize the look of the site. Contrary to popular belief, cookies cannot be used to send viruses or install spyware on your computer.

Some parts of the Round 2 Models site may not work properly if you have disabled cookies.

Forms and Personal Information

Round 2 Models does not share any information collected through our website with third parties. We only use it to improve our website and to contact you if you request information or follow-up.

Web Site Statistics

The Round 2 Models website automatically collects information about each visitor’s IP address, browser type, and referrer by reading this information from the user’s browser (information provided by every user’s browser). This information is collected in a database and used in an aggregated, anonymous manner in our internal analysis of traffic patterns within our website. This information is automatically logged by most websites.