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Slot Cars

Super III Performance Review

For an in-depth look into our Super III chassis, check out this review from Paul Shoemaker. He goes over every inch of this product and gives his thoughts on each individual part and the chassis as a whole.

Super III Shoe Adjustment

Here’s a quick and easy adjustment to Auto World’s Super III pick up shoes. This change improves the connectivity between the pickup shoe hooks and the motor brush barrels.

– Information Provided by Paul Shoemaker

Thunderjet Ultra G Complete Chassis
How to Tune the Pancake Chassis

Paul Shoemaker provides an in-depth, step by step process on how to tune the various pancake design chassis.

Exploded Views
Exploded View of Slot Car Chassis

Download an expanded view of our various slot car chassis.


Auto World Blog

Over at you can find a selection of various blog posts with more tips and tricks for our various product lines. 

hpiguys Workshop

Our friends at the YouTube channel, hpiguys Workshop, have hundreds of videos of them putting together our model kits along with various other brands. They have some great step-by-step instructions and tips on model kit building.