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Updated Auto World  on 11/29/2021 

Auto World True 1:64 Scale New Tooling


3D-PRINTED TOOLING MOCKUP (TRUE 1:64) We’ve wrangled up a few more options for our popular Jeep Wrangler JK casting. You’re looking at the 3D-printed mockups for the Power Bulge and Power Dome hoods, as well as the classic 5-spoke Moab wheel option (the longest-running Jeep wheel design). These new options allow us to put out many new Jeep trims from the Chief Edition, Rubicon, Smoky Mountain, Big Bear, Hard Rock, and more!

3D-printed tooling mockup subject to improvements in production.

2020 SHELBY GT500

3D-PRINTED TOOLING MOCKUP (TRUE 1:64) If you saw us on Instagram Live with Lamley Group a couple of weeks back, you got a sneak peek at this upcoming preposterously-powered pony car. Joining our TRUE 1:64 line is the 2020 Shelby GT500. We’ve upped the insanity of this casting with the added Carbon Fiber Track Pack options; 20-inch wheels, and rear spoiler. These track-ready features perfectly pair with the supercharged, 760 horsepower, 5.2-liter V-8 engine under the opening hood. Of course, we’ve tooled this model with TRUE scale detailing from the body and engine down to the interior, wheels, tires, and chassis. These details paired with a host of awesome OEM colors to choose from makes a die-cast that leaves the pegs as fast as the Shelby leaves the competition.

3D-printed tooling mockup subject to improvements in production.

1991-93 MITSUBISHI 3000GT

TOOLING MOCKUP (TRUE 1:64) Last year our tooling bank got a rad new 90s addition with the tooling of our Dodge Stealth R/T. You all knew it was only a matter of time before Auto World got busy tooling the Stealth’s sister from abroad. The Chrysler/Mitsubishi partnership of the 80s and 90s saw lots of cool turbocharged gems but the flagship model was always the 3000GT/Stealth chassis. A true showcase of Mitsubishi’s cutting-edge technology, the car featured AWD, a twin-turbo engine, “Active Aero” front lip and rear spoiler, 4-wheel steering, adjustable suspension modes, adjustable exhaust note, and a whole host of other technological advances that are still touted as revolutionary on performance cars to this day! We’ve tooled this model the only way Auto World knows how. TRUE 1:64 detailing front-to-back, inside-and-out. The opening hood gives you another look at that twin-turbo powerplant while the all-new Mitsubishi body and wheels showcase the pinnacle of 90s JDM design. Stay tuned to see even more updates before the 3000GT is released in 2022!

Tooling Mockup subject to improvements upon production.


The next heavy Chevy to join the lineup is finally here in all its glory! Introducing the first painted sample for our upcoming 1965 Chevy Suburban! In Light Green and Orange variations, these True 1:64 beauties capture the look and details of the 60s Suburban like never before!

Coming in Auto World Premium 2021 Release 1. Pre-production samples subject to improvements in production. #AW64302

1963 Chevvy II Nova 400 Station Wagon

Here’s an exclusive look at the first painted preproduction sample for our brand new 1963 Chevy II Nova Wagon! With incredible detailing and the Chevy Inline-6, this classic Nova is a must have model oozing with character. Painted both in Saddle Tan Poly for a touch of class and Azure Aqua for a touch of flash, there’s a Chevy II that’s sure to suit you. Expect to see these hit the shelves as part of Auto World Premium 2021 Release 2!

Due April 2021. Preproduction samples subject to improvements in production. #AW64312

1993 Toyota Supra

Joining 2021 Release 1 is the first release of the Auto World TRUE 1:64 Toyota Supra MkIV. In stunning Super White and Alpine Silver, this JDM legend has never looked better. Featuring exacting detail from the true-to-scale body to the 2JZ under the hood, this MkIV is sure to smoke the competition.

Pre-production samples subject to improvements in production. #AW64302

2018 Chevy Camaro ZL1

We’re unleashing another monster in True 1:64 with the first look at our fully painted and detailed 2018 Chevy Camaro ZL1. Coming in 2021 Release 1 in Hyper Blue and Red Hot, the Camaro ZL1 looks just as fast in True 1:64 as it does in 1:1. And with 650hp and 650ft/lbs of torque, this Camaro has more than enough muscle to back up its menacing looks. Expect to see these hit the shelves Early 2021.

Pre-production samples subject to improvements in production. #AW64302


Due this Fall is the first release of our new True 1:64 Dodge Stealth in Auto World Premium 2020 Release 5. For this initial release we’ve got the 1991 Stealth R/T in Firestorm Red and Mystic Blue.This twin-turbo, AWD, sports-coupe was just one of the great cars to come from the Chrysler/Mitsubishi partnership of the 80s and 90s. As with all of our Premium 1:64 castings the Stealth is tooled in True 1:64 with chassis, interior, and engine detailing as you’ve never seen before!

Due October 2020. Pre-production samples subject to improvements in production. #AW64282

2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8

She’s ravishing. She’s seductive. She’s our lady in red. This Valentine’s Day we’d like to introduce you to our latest love. While this test shot may not have all her makeup on just yet, there’s no hiding those gorgeous features. The 2020 C8 Corvette is the latest iteration of a classic that’s aged over time like a fine wine. She’s a little bolder, a little more confident, a little wider in the rear, and we love her even more for it. Look for our lovely lady to be ready to hit the town later this year. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Test shots subject to improvements in production.

Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2018

Give a “Jeep Wave” hello to our brand-new addition to the Auto World 1:64 tooling bank! Coming in 2020 Release 1 will be the first Auto World Jeep Wrangler JK. With an 11-year run on this body-style, the die-cast options are endless, and there’s tons of great versions to be released! Expect a few small tweaks before production, such as the addition of meatier tires.

Due Early 2020. #AW64232. Pre-production samples subject to improvements in production.

1975 Cadillac Eldorado

This big daddy Caddy is one fly ride. The Cadillac Eldorado has been a king of the streets since it’s inception, and this gorgeous ‘75 is no exception. The commanding long hood announced your arrival a block away like a trumpet announces the entrance of royalty. And what would be the point of showcasing the pure presence and stature of an Eldorado if you didn’t cast it in TRUE 1:64 scale? From front to back, top to bottom, and engine to interior, we’ve replicated this beauty in the fashion that only Auto World can. Expect to see these hitting shelves later this year!

Test shots subject to improvements in production.

2019 Chevy Silverado

Another new casting is hot on the way for Auto World 1:64. Coming in 2020 Release 2 is the first-ever release of the brand-new 2019 Chevy Silverado! This new casting has been tooled with three different grilles, wheels, and tires, giving us the ability to replicate most trim levels of this truck. This first release showcases the High Country trim, and we have options for the Custom, LT, LTZ, and Trailboss trims as well! As with all of our Auto World Premium castings, this is TRUE 1:64 and measures in at 3.62 inches long!

Pre-production samples subject to improvements in production. Due April 2020. #AW64252

Johnny Lightning 1:64 Scale New Tooling


PRE-PRODUCTION SAMPLE (1:64) The first release of our brand-new Ford Ranger tooling comes to Johnny Lightning Classic Gold 2021 Release 4 in 2 awesome colorways. Version A shows off all those new details in Medium Yellow and White two-tone. Version B darkens it up with a Dark Spruce green and tan interior. With this first look at the painted detailing of the grill, lights, trim, and badging you can see why the early Ranger was such a phenomenal seller of a truck!

Due January 2022. Pre-production samples are subject to improvements in production. #JLCG027

1981 MAZDA RX-7

PRE-PRODUCTION SAMPLE (1:64) A few months back we teased our upcoming Mazda RX-7 casting in all its rotary goodness. With a true-to-scale 1:64 body, new wheels and tires, and opening hood with a detailed engine we knew this was going to be a stunner. Decorated in Brilliant Black and Maya Gold Metallic with loads of painted detail, this magnificent Mazda looks better than ever! Look for these cars to join Classic Gold 2021 Release 4 later this year!


Due Late 2021. Pre-production samples are subject to improvements in production. #JLCG027

1984-85 NISSAN 300ZX

3D-PRINTED TOOLING MOCKUP (1:64) “The new 300ZX, 3 liters of V6 motion, fuel-injected, turbo-thrusted, 200 horses strong to snap you from zero to…AWESOME”. The Z31 Nissan 300ZX took the import world by storm upon its release. Ditching the L-series engines from all previous Z generations, the new Z car introduced the world to the VG30 engine series with both a naturally aspirated and turbocharged option.

The Z31 joins the Johnny Lightning tooling bank in 2022. With a true-to-scale 1:64 body, Base, and Turbo-scoop style opening hoods, new wheels, realistic engine, and intricate interior and chassis, this is one tool that gets all the details right from A to “Z”!

Subject to licensor approval. 3D Printed tooling mockup subject to improvements in production.


3D-PRINTED TOOLING MOCKUP (1:64) If you caught our interview on Lamley Group you saw a quick sneak peek of this upcoming tool to the Johnny Lightning line! What you’re seeing now is the 3D-printed tooling mockup for the upcoming Toyota FJ Cruiser! In this process of design, we are able to review the vehicle in dimension before committing to the final mold.

The Toyota FJ Cruiser is a vehicle that achieved cult status almost instantly upon its release in 2006. A throwback to the classic FJ 40 Land Cruiser, the updated FJ Cruiser captured some of the aspects that made the original Land Cruiser so great, while still being an affordable option for off-roaders and younger Toyota fans. With tons of cool features like triple windshield wipers, OEM side-mirror lights, and half rear doors, the FJ Cruiser is a unique design perfectly complimenting our FJ 40 Land Cruiser casting and the rest of the Johnny Lightning Off-Road series! Stay tuned for even more updates before the FJ Cruiser is released in 2022!


3D-printed Tooling Mockup subject to improvements upon production.


Call us Dr. Frankenstein, cause “Lightning” is bringing new life to these monsters! The second release of 2021 Collector Tins includes 3 more tools new to the Johnny Lightning line. The ’66 Chevy El Camino, 2012 Chevy Camaro ZL1 Convertible, and the 1985 Ford Mustang SVO are upgraded from the previous Auto World Deluxe line to include Johnny Lightning metal chassis with rubber wheels and tires. With exacting detailing and included collector storage tins, these JLs are a welcome addition to any Johnny Lightning fans collection! The Fox-Body joins in Midnight Blue and White variations, the ZL1 shows off in Silver and Black, and that El Camino rules “the road” in Aztec Bronze and Regal Red!

Due Fall 2021. Pre-production samples subject to improvements in production. #JLCT007


The F-body Firebird is making a big move to Johnny Lightning in Classic Gold 2021 Release 2! This casting is highly detailed in True 1:64 scale. Originally tooled for the Auto World Deluxe line, this fantastic Firebird features exacting paint and trim decorations and a new metal chassis to allow for Johnny Lightning wheel and tire options. Sprayed in Medium Cloisonne Blue and Bright White. This Trans Am tooling has never looked better and is a must-have!

Due July 2021. Pre-production sample subject to improvements in production. #JLCG025

1981-85 MAZDA RX-7

We’re not yankin’ your Wankel, Johnny Lightning is joining the rotary club with our brand-new tool of the first-generation Mazda RX-7! And what a fantastic-looking tool it is! Pictured here is the 3D-printed mockup for the upcoming release featuring exacting detail, new wheels and tires, and an opening hood for a detailed look at that rotary goodness. Expect to see the first release of the RX-7 hit late this year!

3D-Printed tooling mockup subject to improvements in production.


The 3rd Gen Monte Carlo is coming to JL with all new tooling! With 2 front cores and 2 rear cores in this tooling, we’ll be bringing the ‘78, ‘79, and ‘80 models out in amazing 1:64 detail! With newly-tooled JL wheels and an opening hood with a detailed engine, this is one magnificent Monte mockup!

3D-Printed tooling mockup subject to improvements in production.

1983-1988 FORD RANGER 4×4

We ain’t no stranger to the Ford freakin’ Ranger. The ultimate Ford “pup-truck” heads to the Johnny Lightning tooling bank as we continue our development on the 83-88 model! This 3D printed tooling mockup is the first look at the Ranger and boy does it look good! This model features an opening hood with a detailed engine, functioning tailgate, and newly tooled wheels too!

Tooling mockup subject to improvements in production.


Here’s a sneak peek at the brand new 1969 Chevy Kingswood Estate Zinger! Utilizing an awesomely detailed Kingswood body from the Round 2 Auto World line this Kingswood gets the Zinger treatment the way only JL can do it! With a newly-tooled Zinger chassis and a huge blown engine, this Estate really makes a statement! Add in some “Driftwood” paneling and Pale Blue and Seafoam paint-jobs and this vacation vehicle becomes quite the trip on its own. Auto World diehards have no fear, this Kingswood body will also retain its TRUE 1:64 form in the Auto World line and will only join Johnny Lightning as its Zinger counterpart. Long live the King!

Pre-production samples subject to improvements in production. Due June 2021. #JLSF020

1982-1992 CHEVY CAMARO and 2012 CHEVY CORVETTE Z06

 TEST SHOTS (1:64)
From 2013 thru 2017, Round 2 developed several all-new castings for the short-lived Auto World Deluxe series of 1:64 die-cast. Those featured hard plastic tires, plastic chassis, and non-opening hoods. In 2017, the Deluxe line ended and we focused our Auto World efforts on the Premium series only. Since then, these fantastic castings have been unused… BEGGING to see the light of day. There are several variations of them that have never been released before!

Johnny Lightning is a PERFECT home for these castings! First up is the 1982-1992 Chevy Camaro Z28 and the 2012 Chevy Corvette Z06.

For each, we’ve tooled all-new METAL chassis capable of accepting the extensive array of Johnny Lightning rims and tires! We’ve painstakingly adjusted the stance of each casting to perfection. Several more castings will be developed and released across all of the Johnny Lightning programs, including Classic Gold, Street Freaks, and Muscle Cars U.S.A.!

Test shots subject to improvements in production.


TEST SHOT (1:64)
You’re looking at the first-ever test shot of the new Johnny Lightning Chevy Square body Zinger. This body casting is borrowed from our sister brand Auto World with a newly tooled Zinger chassis and details. This truck will only ever be released under JL as a Zinger and boy is it a great-looking one! With its huge chrome engine, jacked-up rear end, and open headers, this truck is ready to haul! Expect to see the first release of the Squarebody Zinger in Street Freaks 2021 Release 1 and stay tuned to see what deco we choose!

Test shot subject to improvements in production.

Auto World 1:18 Die-Cast


NEW TOOLING VARIATION (1:18) Joining our Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals series is this beautiful 1967 Yenko Chevy Camaro RS/SS 427. Replicated in exacting detail from the real car showcased at MCACN in 2012, this Erskine White Yenko features a ton of newly-tooled components. For the first time ever we’ve tooled the RS front end with hidden headlights, as well as the rear valance, and lower rocker trim. This release also features our Stinger hood and new header and exhaust setup for the 427, both recently tooled as well!

Due January 2022. Preproduction samples are subject to improvements in production. #AMM1261


NEW TOOLING VARIATION (1:18) It was said a 1980 Dodge pickup could play as hard as it worked. As the custom truck scene blossomed into a lifestyle on the West Coast, Dodge capitalized on this trend by creating adult toys with special graphics packages across many of their vehicle lines. This particular black exterior body includes the traditional Utiline bed and custom trim referred to as Gradated Sport Stripes. The multi-colored stripes consist of large DODGE lettering at the bottom of the doors that go from the rockers up and run to the back of the truck. The tailgate has huge PICK-M-UP lettering as well as matching stripes that wrap around the top of the hood.

Auto World makes this hot pickup available like never before with our newly-tooled 1980 front grill and hood. Combined with the detailed chassis, interior, and extensive detailing makes this a must-have 1:18 die-cast for any truck fan. This Spring you’ll want to “Pick-M-Up” before they’re gone!

Due Early 2022. Pre-production samples are subject to improvements in production. #AW291

MOdel Kits New Tooling

MPC Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back AT-AT

The Star Wars All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT) model kit is back with updated tooling from MPC. The AT-AT was first seen in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back when the Galactic Empire attacked the Rebel Alliance’s Echo Base on the ice planet, Hoth. This 1:100th scale model of the AT-AT contains incredible details with poseable legs, neck, and head. All four legs are posable in this edition, with tooling updates supplying new movement in all four hips and adjustments to the knees that provide a wider range of articulation that allows modelers to pose the vehicle in a number of ways. Two Snowspeeders and two laser turrets round out this great offering and provides even more options for fans of diorama modeling.

Look for the Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back AT-AT model kit to be released later this year.


POL U.S.S. Voyager (Snap)

Introducing the ALL-NEW 1:1000 scale tooling of the U.S.S. Voyager, the capital ship from the hit TV series Star Trek Voyager. This snap kit is based on the original studio model and includes incredible authentic details. The ship features articulating engine nacelles to allow the ship to go into warp drive. Also, included is a huge water-slide decal sheet with markings. The model can be displayed on a display base or on the optional landing gear.

In addition to this kit, there is a special clear edition of the U.S.S. Voyager that will be available. This special kit is designed to benefit hobbyists who want to create a custom lighting set-up. Done in a milky clear translucent plastic to help prevent the parts from being brittle and to help defuse the light.

Set to arrive in August 2021

POL980M (Normal) / POL992M (Clear)


This all-new tooling of the Space:1999 Commlock and Stun Gun delivers a FULL-SCALE 1:1 replica of each prop from the hit sci-fi classic. These items were standard equipment for the officers and security staff of Moonbase Alpha. This tooling features authentic details replicating the buttons, knobs, and switches from the production props. These models are also engineered to allow easy access for custom lighting by advanced-level modelers. The set includes options for three versions of the stun gun, as well as the viewscreen and ID badge variants for the commlock.

Set to arrive late Summer 2021!



This classic AMT kit has been completely retooled from the ground up. As part of the “Craftsman Plus” series, this kit features 40 easy to assemble parts for a beautiful replica that can be built in a short amount of time. Using a classic ‘63 Nova wagon kit as a reference starting point, the Kats at AMT have gone through and painstakingly recreated every piece, making updates and improvements along the way. The results are a fantastic throwback kit with a fit and finish only possible with modern manufacturing. Molded-in off-white with chrome bumpers, side view mirror, engine plate, and clear headlights, this kit is a simple and fun build that will look great whether you’re a beginning modeler or a seasoned pro!


Classic Metal Works New Tooling


The square body Chevy pickup is an American icon. From farm trucks to hot rods, there’s no end to what this truck can do. And with this brand new H.O. scale tool from Mini Metals, there’s no end to how you can display the square body in your layout! 3 different front grills allow the truck to be produced in any year from 1973 to 1979, and the bed has been tooled in both fleetside and step-side versions for even further variation! Finally, it’s hip to be square.

Slot Cars New Tooling


SLOT CAR PRE-PRODUCTION SAMPLE (H.O.) – The first painted sample of our K5 Chevy Blazer slot car is here and joining in our upcoming Off-Road release. Starting with Red for Version A and Black for Version B this brand-new addition to the Auto World line looks right at home in our mud-slung Off-Road series! Further painted trim detailing and dusty dirty effects add to the realism of this release! Riding on our X-Traction chassis these new K5 crawlers will tackle any track with ease!

Due April 2022. Pre-production samples are subject to improvements in production. #SC375


SLOT CAR TOOLING MOCKUP (H.O.) New tooling continues in the Auto World Slot Car realm with the MK I Escort Rally! Originally debuted in Ireland and the UK at the end of 1967, the Escort was the first passenger car to be developed by the merged Ford of Europe. A best-selling commercial success by an American manufacturer that never came to the states. In fact, Ford had built its 2 millionth Escort by 1974, which was a milestone unmatched by any Ford model outside the US at the time. But the Escort didn’t go down in history for simply selling well. The MK I Escort proved to be a force to be reckoned with on the rally course, becoming one of the most successful rally cars of all time. This MK I model set the stage for the European rally Fords that followed. Cars such as the Escort RS Cosworth, RS200, and the Focus RS would not be here if Ford hadn’t set the precedence with the original rally success of this amazing MK I.

Tooled for our X-Traction chassis and featuring rally lights and a roof rack filled with spare wheels and gas cans, this casting will be a great fit in our line of Off-Road slot cars and sets! Expect to see the first production sample hit shelves in 2022 and stay tuned for more updates!

Test shot subject to improvements in production.


The K5 Chevy Blazer is a legend in the truck world. Its versatility of the extra seating and removable top made the vehicle a popular choice for fans of open-top, off-roading with friends, truck lovers, and families alike. The Blazer was a hardcore truck that could do it all. Tough enough for hauling duty, yet small enough to take into the woods and “blaze” a trail. Now we’re bringing the legend of the 77-79 Blazer to the Auto World slot car line. Tooled to work with our X-Traction chassis, this tough truck is sure to tackle your two-track with ease. Pictured here is the 3D printed mockup. Stay tuned for further details as we blaze ahead with tooling for the K5 and more!

3D-printed mockup subject to improvements in production.

1970-73 DATSUN 240Z

The S30 Datsun 240z joins Auto World’s slot car line in not just 1 but 2 awesome variations! The first 3D-printed tooling mockup showcases the lovely Z in classic slot car racing form with headlight covers, front, and rear bumper deletes, a front air-dam, and rear spoiler. But we didn’t stop there! We also made alterations to make a stock variation with the recessed headlight designs, OEM front and rear bumpers, OEM front valance, and spoiler delete. These 2 variations will let us bring all kinds of cool 240z slot cars to your setup! Stay tuned as we release info on other upcoming slot car tools too!

3D-printed mockup subject to improvements in production.

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